Dental Insurance Plans For Every Budget

Why do you need dental insurance?

Many do not factor in the surprise cost of “high ticket” items like root canals and crowns into their budget.  A good dental plan gives you the security you need to make sure you do not end up with an extremely high bill.  Preventive is cheap… but root canals and crowns can rack up thousands of dollars in bills.  Dental plans are not subject to the “no pre-existing” clause set forth by the healthcare reform act.  Many have a 12 month waiting period for high end dental services.  Factor this into your budget and start now so those “surprise bills” are easier to handle.

CLIFF Consulting Group Inc Dental Plans

CLIFF Consulting Group Inc works as buyers’ agents for those shopping the individual marketplace as well as the small business marketplace. There are several more dental plans available… just fill out a request form to the left and we can help.