About CLIFF Consulting

What we do.

The CLIFF Consulting Group Inc. family has been in the tax and financial business for over 65 years. During this time, we have noticed many areas for improvement while filing individual’s and corporation’s tax returns. We found that many were led down a path by someone’s “captive” agent, who works for one insurance carrier and only sells plans offered by that carrier. The “captive” agent was doing what was right for their pocket book and not for our clients. They would “flip” individuals to different mutual funds or different health insurance plans just to collect extra commissions for the “flip”. In 2009, we decided to take action by legally forming CLIFF Consulting Group Inc. Based upon the premise that we would only “do for our clients what we would do for our own mothers,” we established a separate financial division to give our clients a trustworthy source whom they could rely upon for sound insurance and financial advice. Our business grew exponentially as word traveled. We are now in a blessed position to hire and build our company so we can help more and more individuals and companies.

Grampa John “Jack” Kellner was truly the founder of the concept in the 1950’s in Milwaukee, WI. From tax to life insurance to commercial real estate… he began the concept of “Giving for the sake of giving rather than for the sake of gaining.”

Joyce Kellner took over the tax division in the early 1970’s and continues to assist clients to this day.

John (Jack) Kellner continues not only the family name, but the proud tradition of assisting our clients in getting the best individualized help to meet their needs.


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